Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NaBloPoMo and Hummingbird Moments

NaBloPoMo August 2012
I saw lots of "sweet" things today. However the sweetest was a perspective of a full moon that I have never noticed before. In my backyard we have several trees. One in particular is a stand out as the moon was framed beautifully by its limbs tonight. I tried to photograph it and couldn't. This has happened before...when something amazing is right in front of me and I can't capture it with a camera, and yet, I can with words. Amy Ludwig Vanderwater from The Poem Farm told me (@ Teachers Write) I would see a "hummingbird" today and the whirring was the moon. My hummingbird moment was a full moon lighting my night.
Here is my photo, in my mind of course.

Calling my eyes up.
Trapping you,
And yet you'll escape by morning.

I am going to try out NaBloPoMo this month. The theme is sweet. You can sign up through August 5th!


Amy Rudd said...

I love how you framed the moon! "calling my eyes up"- as if in conversation! Thanks for sharing!

Miss Night said...

Just a note to say I'm so glad to have you with me on this NaBloPoMo journey. You comment meant so much. I'll be back, every day.