Monday, June 4, 2012

Growing, Growing, Gone!

I am in reflection mode. And I mean deep!
Writing this reflection is one of my many plans for summer writing.
I thought one way to do this would be to go through a few of my students and document their progress and growth here. It is always intriguing to see where student have come from and how different they all become (and how different they still are from one another). This will also help me to create a timeline or map of what happened this year, a year of growth I could not have imagined. My blog will be a resource for me on this task as I relive the year and summarize.

The "making time" aspect...I have my space, my time will hopefully come in the morning hours before anyone else is up.

I hope that this summer I can begin to do some of the following to get my writing chops really warmed up!

  • Write an article
  • Write and describe characters, just a bunch of people with different characteristics and describe them. We'll see where it goes!
  • Write poetry....lots and lots of poetry.
  • Get outside as much as a possible and write about it (camping trips, visits to the lake, and hikes in the woods should help with this).
  • My husband and I recently realized we like "old things," antiques and such. I think this could be good and bad! However, I thought it might be neat to find something old and write a story surrounded by that object, an old chair's story, an old hutch, the list goes on and words flurry when I imagine antique shops and all the stories that are locked up inside those once priceless items. 
For the school year, "making time." A few motivating prospects are quite possibly going to really get me knee deep in my process for teaching writing to students. I have a feeling I am going to be examining a lot and pushing myself further. I think that next year is going to prove to be a challenge as I have met a couple of future students and I cannot wait to see what happens (after a little break from school of course)! 

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Betsy Hubbard said...

Robin • 1 week ago
I love how thoughtful and reflective you are! I hope to see some of the summer writing that you have planned here on your blog. Write on, my friend!