Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Listening and Chalk!

Tuesday went right on by and here came Wednesday. I am definitely falling victim to summer days all blending together. So, I will slice on Wednesday instead!

I had to share my enthusiasm for meeting Ruth Ayres last week at the All Write conference. She gave a warm, genuine and inspiring keynote that got everyone ready for two days of learning. 

 When I got home from the conference there was a driveway full of chalk art to greet me! That of course stretched my face into a huge smile.

The next morning I started drawing, no plan really, but it turned into an ear (sort of) and I wrote the word listen. I realized this is something I continue to try to do better, listen to mentors, listen to colleagues, listen to my children, just listen better. 

The next day I started a feather in one of the last few spots of clear space. Then I was reminded of how I could tie that into writing. One of the messages I heard the loudest during Ruth's keynote was to write my story, that I have one and that it is a tool to share this with my students and others. 

I hope you will come back on June 30th to share your story with a little chalk and link here for Chalk-A-Bration 3. Want to learn more, check for the back story here!

Chalk-A-Bration 4 is July 31st and the last Chalk-A-Bration for the year will be August 31st 


Amanda Villagómez said...

I loved seeing your chalk pictures. Monday for the Teachers Write! post it was focusing on drawing, and it was fun to imagine your thought process and the learning that took place while you were enjoying time outside with chalk.

Robin said...

I couldn't help but smile when you said you had a driveway full of chalk art to greet you. It's such a pleasant thing to see...children's chalk pictures. They are bright, colorful, full of JOY and life. It's refreshing that you joined right in and added your thoughts, though probably quite different than your children's. It's a nice way to share your reflections.

My kids and I are scoping out places for our own chalk art for Chalk-A-Bration 3! I think we are going to go decorate Grandma's driveway for her! :)

Amy Rudd said...

How awesome! You should turn your pictures in to buttons! We will try to do the chalk-a-bration!

Maureen said...

It is so great that you went to the All Write Institute! Great photo of you and Ruth! You have a fantastic driveway for this chalk the inspiration that you are getting and giving with this.

Michelle said...

Love your chalk art - so creative you are with words and pictures! How fun to meet Ruth and enjoy two days of learning. After reading several reflection posts from All Write, I've heard the words listen and stories over and over! Thanks for sharing!

Linda B said...

Really fun, Betsy. I love your welcome home, & then your additions too, plus the photo of you & Ruth. Lovely, you two! I'll be there Saturday-haven't forgotten!