Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let's Celebrate TYPEWRITER DAY!

Yes, it is really Typewriter Day!

I have my husband to thank for a recent reconnection to typewriters. We have started, what I like to call, a typewriter museum in our home (they are growing on me)! We started with one, now we have three and are always on the lookout for one that is older, better, or unique in some way. I have to admit, they are pretty amazing and fulfill a lot of sensory stimulation. The loud tapping sound, the slap of the keys under your finger, the vibration of the base when you really get going. To type is to experience writing in a different way, and that is fun, plain and simple.

This is the first portable typewriter that the company Royal manufactured. It dates from the late 1920's.

Champion, made by Underwood was also manufactured as a portable typewriter. 
It dates somewhere in the 1930's.

This Underwood SX-100 is kept in our kids craft area. They love typing, and my son has also begun typing poems as a result. This is the best quality typewriter we own thus far. My husband calls this one the Cadillac of typewriters, at least in its time. It does exactly what it is suppose to do, has several features but unlike a Cadillac it is cheap these days. It dates somewhere in the late 1950's.

If you would like to read some lovely poems written on these keys check out my husbands blog, Beyond Innisfree, where he photographs his poetry, hand written or typed. He is as unique as these typewriters, probably more.


Linda B said...

I'll go to your husband's blog too, Betsy, but thought you all would like to see my post about a year ago. I have some old typewriters too, & so does my daughter & son-in-law. What fun they are. You'll see what I thought when you read my other post. But-I didn't know it was typewriter day. Wish I'd known; I would have re-posted! Your machines are wonderful to see! Here's my link:

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing this story...I remember my mom's typewriter. I used to love the sound as her fingers flew (and boy did they fly!) over the keys. I loved to watch her type - the ding and swish of the return sweep, the click clack sounds, the vibration on the table...all of it! To think how old they are is just fun. Don't you wonder who has typed on them before you? What wonderful words they have produced over their years? Fun!