Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Poetry Party!

I am so excited, honored and thrilled to celebrate poetry today at The Poem Farm, a blog by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater. My students and I will be having a popcorn poetry party and reading/watching her blog today.  Go check it out along with many other amazing classroom peeks, audio poems and so many great resources for teachers. Amy is a gift to be shared.

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Betsy Hubbard said...

Robin • 1 week ago
Betsy - This is absolutely amazing! I shared it with my class and they truly enjoyed listening to your student's poetry and seeing their illustrations. It was a lot of fun. What a special honor to be included on Amy's website and what a fantastic experience for your students...and let's be! :)

Barbara • 6 days ago
Good evening, Betsy!
I love your post over at The Poem Farm! Your students are so blessed to have you as their kindergarten teacher. You are such an inspiring educator!

Linda Baie • 6 days ago
I loved the post! And commented there.