Monday, May 7, 2012

Books That Make a Splash

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I have been reading all things poetry lately and trying to really get more aquainted with children poets. I recently picked up a few books that were new to me and had to share.

Splash! Poems of Our Watery World by Constance Levy

I am finishing up a unit on earth and earth materials so these poems about water are a great accompaniment to my lessons. I want to share so many but I must pick a couple to give you a taste if you have never seen this book. So, rather than me try to tell you about it, I will let the poems speak for themselves.

A teardrop
looks like sadness
and has a salty taste.
A raindrop tastes of sky
and brings a shower.

A dewdrop is a new drop,
a taste-of-morning-brew drop
and is probably delicious
to a flower.

Full Moon
on Mirror Lake

on this still,
smooth lake
in its forest place,
the wandering,
wondering moon
becomes acquainted
with his face.

Water Wizard

I am a wizard of shapes and moods:
I'm ice, I'm fog.
I grow your food.

I quench your thirst,
I flood, I launder,
I mirror, I skip,
I race, I wander.

I dribble and drip,
I float a ship.

I soothe a throat,
I brew your tea.

I swim in you,
you swim in me.

Another poetry book I picked up late last week and plan to share with my students is call Give Yourself to the Rain by Margaret Wise Brown. Here is one of my favorites from the book. It crossed my mind that each student could probably take a line and illustrate it for a class book; might be a neat project.

In the Woods

Silence of the deep green wood
Where little sounds are heard
The flutter of such tiny wings
The buzz and sudden springs
Of grasshoppers flying from the grass
Where the shining beetle traffics pass
Near the roots of the long green grass
And in the birch trees
The rustling of sunlit leaves
The silence of logs, the coldness of stones
Deep in the deep green wood alone
Where the little sounds are heard
And the terrible clap of the wings of a bird
Flying to break
The high silence
Of the still blue sky.

I have been looking for a book of concrete poems, poems that form a picture. I thought these would be fun to share and show the flexibility that poems offer. I found a great one that relates to water again! (I have gotten really lucky)!
Splish Splash by Joan Bransfield Graham, Illustrated by Steve Scott

Here are two that I thought were fun and would be easy for my students to imagine creating.

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Betsy Hubbard said...

Linda Baie • 5 weeks ago
Sweet books, Betsy. I love that Full Moon on Mirror Lake when the moon gets reacquainted with his face! And the concrete poem one looks terrific! Thanks for all.

Tara • 5 weeks ago
Full Moon on Mirror Lake...just lovely! Concrete poems are such fun to create, I always save this for the end of the year - my sixth graders love working with them.

Kellee Moye • 5 weeks ago
Some great poetry books- thank you! I am always trying to find books to make poetry more accessible for my students.

Happy reading this week! :)