Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chalk-A-Bration 2

It doesn't take long,
not hard to find a space.
Go get some chalk
and poetry the place!

Chalk and poetry now seem to just go together and I hope you will join in the Chalk-A-Bration today, and on the following dates:
June 30th
July 31st
August 31st 

Please link your chalk poetry and/or illustration below in the Mister Linky. For the back story on this idea and more specific instructions visit here.

1 comment:

Betsy Hubbard said...

LInda Baie • 1 week ago
Hi Betsy! Your colors are amazing, & I love the rhythm of the poem, "they fly". Very fun. Mr. Linky says he is busy, so hope the links work. Here is my poem!

Barbara • 1 week ago
Love the poem. You are a WONDERful writer! Also, thanks for organizing this. I'm out of school, so my daughter and I "chalked" before she went to school today. What fun we had!

Shawn 11p • 1 week ago
Beautifully done. I can't pick a favorite line because they are all my favorite. For everyone else, be sure to click the pic to make it really shines.

Robin • 1 week ago
"Bound for the sun / they fly" - these are my favorite lines. I can picture the bubbles floating away, going high into the blue sunny sky. Ahh...makes me want it to be "officially" summertime!

hypercryptical 4p • 1 week ago
Lovely words - birth of baby bubbles - love images evoked.

Anna :o]

Mary Lee • 1 week ago
GACK! I forgot!! What with the last day of school chaos and all...

I'm putting the rest of the dates on my calendar now!!