Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Chalk...2!

Do You Chalk Too?
 What? You didn't get a chance to chalk it up on April 30th? Not to worry, Chalk-A-Bration 2 is scheduled and ready for your dusty and poetic pleasure. So, if you choose, begin picking out your prime piece of asphalt, sidewalk or fence rail and get chalking! Photograph it, link it to the May 31st Chalk-A-Bration post here at Teaching Young Writers, and check out all the chalky poetic goodness of your fellow chalking friends on May 31st.

Not sure what I am talking about? Check out the more detailed description here.

1 comment:

Betsy Hubbard said...

Linda Baie • 3 weeks ago
Okay, Betsy. I'm in of course. And you know it will have to be a summer welcome! Thanks for doing again!

Betsy 24p • 2 weeks ago
Great! Summer is sure to slip in to a lot of poetry as it is on all of our minds! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Robin • 2 weeks ago
Can't wait! I have my poem ready to chalk! I'm just looking for a place with some space!