Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Write Space

Finally...I have it.
I was inspired a few weeks ago when Ruth posted a photo of her freshly cleaned art area where she creates with her kids. I thought to myself, "I have a spot, I have a table, I have too much other stuff everywhere." And that overwhelming feeling took over and I felt defeated.
Then Friday night came and I started anyway. I started sorting, got the baskets, garbage bags and motivation to purge and did just that. Recycled a lot, made an area in our garage to put all the "to donate" stuff, and kept going. And, now, three days later, for the first time, I am sitting in "my space." I love it, it feels good, and I get a feeling great things are going to happen here.
My writing space (don't worry, we don't use the fire place)!

And on the opposite wall, my kids much improved crafting area!
(I love that I can join in or just watch from my new spot).

1 comment:

Betsy Hubbard said...

Terje • 5 weeks ago
Space matters. You were good not to stay defeated but getting started.

Robin • 5 weeks ago
I love that you have a place of your own that makes you feel good. Everyone needs a "place" to do what they do and yours looks beautiful. And really, what better inspiration than to watch your children create? Enjoy - you deserve it!

And by the way...I'm honored to be on your blog list. Honestly...a little teary! Thank you. :)

Tara • 5 weeks ago
A spot of one's own...everyone needs that!

margaretsmn 1p • 5 weeks ago
I'm proud of your perseverance. I'm still writing at my kitchen table. But it looks like your space allows for the whole family to be creative.

Melody 2p • 5 weeks ago
Organizing for me always results in a bigger mess, with me in the middle going over random things I find and crying and laughing. The space looks great!

writekimwrite 1p • 5 weeks ago
Maybe this will inspire me to create the write space for myself. My "before" pictures are MESSY!! Enjoy.

Lori • 5 weeks ago
This looks GREAT. :-) Come over to my basement sometime. . . .

elsie 9p • 5 weeks ago
You do have the write space! After all that effort, it is great to have a place for writing and watching the family. Way to go!

pamelahodges 1p • 5 weeks ago
And that overwhelming feeling took over and I felt defeated......and I started anyway .......and I get a feeling great things are going to happen here.

Thank you for sharing your thought process. I look forward to more of your writing.

Maureen Ingram • 4 weeks ago
I love that your children's craft space is right there near your writing table - a "muse." Now, you need to send another photo after having worked in your locations for several weeks - I think creativity is necessarily a little messy!!