Friday, May 4, 2012

A New Notebook

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A Notebooks First Page

The thoughts are coming,
I hear them on their way.

Like butterflies
Not promising to stay.

Here they are
Imprinted on the page.

Words fluttering
then settling
Now permanently placed.

I got a new purse the other day. As I was un-filling the old and filling up the new I realized there was no way my current notebook was going to fit. Oh no...or...wait, a new notebook!!!  And off to the bookstore I went to peruse the newest selection of compact notebooks. Then, there is sat, in my new purse, for a week, no words.  Hmmmm. I was a bit perplexed, that first page is always so important, what will it say. Then it hit me, so I wrote. And now, my notebook is officially broken in and ready for action!

(Notebook scribbles...I don't keep it pretty)!

1 comment:

Betsy Hubbard said...

Carol 5 weeks ago
This would be a perfect poem to share with kids the day you introduced writing notebooks in the fall! And I love any excuse to buy a new notebook!

Robin • 5 weeks ago
I love the first part! I love the way it grabs you right from the beginning. So fun. I like that you waited until it felt right too. Sometimes it is hard to be patient. I think the notebook is pretty...where is the purse picture? :)

__Shawn__ 22p • 5 weeks ago
The newness of a notebook is always inspiring, just waiting for words to fill. Love the Butterflies simile!!

LInda Baie • 5 weeks ago
How funny, Betsy. I just bought a new purse so my IPad would fit into it. It also houses a small paperback & notebook, & it really isn't too big. I love your poem, those words "Like butterflies/migrating/Not promising to stay." are so true. They flit around, sometimes not even landing! Nice!

Laura Shovan • 5 weeks ago
Hi, Betsy. Thanks for stopping by to check out my students' Fibs. Have you seen Amy LV's blog "Sharing Our Notebooks?"

Tabatha • 5 weeks ago
New notebooks are so precious! It's wonderful that you captured that moment in a poem. Fluttering words is a beautiful image.
I've written Poor Poets by Francisco Alarcon on the first page of my notebooks before.

Mary Lee • 5 weeks ago
You're KIDDING me!!! All these comments about notebooks to fit purses and purses to fit notebooks...I am SO RIGHT THERE with you all! Just got a new purse and it HAD TO be big enough to fit my notebook!!!

Himankar • 5 weeks ago
You imprinted a beautiful moment as a still more beautiful poem..!

karadhya 1p • 4 weeks ago
I'm kind of behind in catching up with last week's Poetry Friday, but I'm working on it. Love your poem. I hope that your new notebook is soon filled with many more beautiful words!

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater • 1 week ago
I simply adore this idea of hearing the thoughts coming...and them being just like butterflies. So lovely and so true! Thank you! - Amy