Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Sequel

Staring in
the morning dark
I see the day
about to embark.

I tiptoe slowly
to my spot,
quiet whispers,
my day unlocks.

I relax,
my minutes fade
but I am ready
for the day.

It was the kind of morning that is filled with a headache and stumbling as my husband and I awoke from a frequently woken slumber. That feeling where you are not refreshed but you are enough to get going, so you do. I have an early meeting, only a minute to spare, so I sat down to write my slice. It reminded me of a poem called Just I wrote a while back; it almost feels like a sequel. I have referenced "staring" in my posts lately because I have that tense end of year feeling. You all know, it is so full of emotions. I have so much I want to do yet I don't really feel like I have a whole lot more to give. I just want to sit in the sand and recharge. But, I will do the day anyway, as many of you will. It will come and go and onto the next and before I know it I will long for school again.

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Betsy Hubbard said...

Yes, I'm ready for it to be done, Betsy. I love that line "unlock the day". I think coffee helps but sometimes it's just time to dig deep down to find the energy to do one more thing, as you're writing about, "sit in the sand and recharge". Nicely said for many who are in the classroom!

Ruth 8p • 4 weeks ago
The image of unlocking the day is powerful to me. Thank you for the poem + the thinking behind the poem. I hope you hit your stride and the headache fades and the day wraps around you, giving you energy and resilience.

elsie 9p • 4 weeks ago
This time of year is wearing on the body and soul. Your poem caught the start of the day perfectly. I hope rest will come for you tonight.

Robin • 4 weeks ago
"Staring in the morning dark" - that's no joke! It was a morning like that at my house too. I was the first to pull myself out of bed this morning...early meeting looming soon...kids to dress and feed and brush...a quick goodbye to the hubby and the day begins. It always amazes me, even though I expect it, how exhausting this time of year is. I always hope it will be better this year...not so far! :) Hang in there...maybe try putting a little sand in your shoes for the next couple weeks! Ha!
Two years and finishing strong... 2p • 4 weeks ago
This is the line I relate to...I have that tense end of year feeling. I am waking up in the middle of the night frequently because of that never ending to 'do'. I know that you will sleep tonight. love nanc xo

Tara • 4 weeks ago
Yup, count me ready for beach and recharge time, too. I know that this part is true, too, but not yet: It will come and go and onto the next and before I know it I will long for school again.

anita ferreri • 4 weeks ago
Yes..that tense end of the year sensation is so clear in your poem. My husband says teachers are most stressed in September and June but I find the stress is becoming more evident all year long!

Melody 2p • 4 weeks ago
"my day unlocks" GREAT LINE. my favorite.

Anne • 4 weeks ago
the sense of putting one foot in front of the other that you created in your poem resonates with many parents of young children. Roll on the holidays