Friday, August 10, 2012

Lines Through the Day

 Visits the poets of Poetry Friday and share in their lines at Violet Nesdoly/Poem.

Today has come and gone. A busy day, a day full of words and lines but unconnected in meaning. I have been working on words that connect in my notebook and they are, well, not ready. So...I come with lines, seeds of poems to come, maybe.

Moments of my day...

tree across the road
shall we move it?
exhilarating, as I hurl a limb
my part, I feel
my daughter's words, "way to go mommy and daddy,"
as we clear the road of worry.

the first glance
at the year
the room, still and alone
ready to be molded
filled with its purpose
a home

deer in the dark
I see you
as you cross shadows
disappearing into night

And, someday my driftwood poem will be here, some Friday it will be ready. Never have I felt so guarded about my words. But, I think it's okay to think harder about some and let some others go.


Tabatha said...

I liked these a lot!

Being judicious with your words is excellent in the editing process but can be rough during the writing of first drafts. I wasn't sure which you were referring to here, but I wish you the best as you find your way.

Linda B said...

It just takes time, doesn't it? I like that line "deer crossing shadows". I can see what you're seeing. Good luck with the words, Betsy.

Violet N. said...

I can relate to your phrase "guarded about words." Thanks for letting down your guard with these poems, or seeds of poems if they sprout into something different.

Maureen said...

I, too, love your words about it being okay to be guarded about words. I have had an unexpectedly rough time this summer with my blogging - lots of concepts and ideas for posts that fizzled, and time that was used in other ways. But, I still have my words - I still have possibility! Thank you for sharing your words that are "in the making" - they are powerful. I especially liked "the first glance
at the year
the room, still and alone
ready to be molded
filled with its purpose
a home" - is this your new classroom? Lovely.