Monday, August 6, 2012

Under the Stars

Last night I was under a northern Michigan sky. A clear sky that reflected its constellations on the still black water of the lake. I stood there looking, neck stiffening from the strain of trying to see it all at one time. I saw many formations of stars, some that I recognized and some that I did not. I did see the most popular though, the big dipper. It is always interesting to me how excited I get when I see it, I have to verbalize it out loud every time, "look, it's the big dipper," in my excited whisper. When it is that late and that peaceful you can't help but have a hush in your voice.
Tonight we are home, southern Michigan. It is late and we went outside for a moment to look up at the same sky. Sure enough, there it was again, the big dipper. There is comfort in knowing that the sky is the same sky, every night. Even when I can't see it, when it is covered in clouds, when it is filtered with light, it is all there, looking down at me.
NaBloPoMo August 2012


Linda B said...

When I look at the moon, I think the same thing, Betsy, that I like that it's the same moon loved ones in other places are seeing too. I like your thoughts about the sky. It's cloudy here tonight, so no Big Dipper for me.

Robin said...

I love looking at the starry night sky...not the mosquitoes that often accompany it, but everything else. There is just something special about the quiet, the moon, the stars, the crickets and the calm that is, well, calming. I always look for the big dipper too! It's my anchor in the sky.

Miss Night said...

Oh, this post makes me wonder if we are kindred spirits. The phrase "We All See The Same Stars" is like a protective charm for me - 6 magic words that were even the title of my very first blog. They were part of an end-of-camp ritual when I ran teen leadership programs, and they still tie me to "my" camp kids, now all grown, all over the world. You gave me chills and misty eyes with this one, my friend.