Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sighs and Sparkles

 NaBloPoMo August 2012

We take this drive every August. Miles of dirt road that leave a memory of dust clouds. Scraping tree limbs on my window as we enter a canopy of birch and pine. The final stretch, a grassy two track and then the glittering veil. We park. We sigh. The quiet lake in the middle of the woods with wind songs for entertainment and wildlife for companions. We listen, look and long.

you wail
calling our ears in your direction.
We see your wake
as the water sighs.
Once black and still
now rippling with sparkle
as the sun melts into night.

I didn’t get to post yesterday, but I found humor in moments of my day. We went into town and for some reason I took my children out of their bathing suits and put them into clothing. Is this my first rodeo…no, I know better. Even when you go into town, there is likely water nearby and you will find yourself toe dipping. This turns into wading. Then one big wave comes along and from eye brow to ankle you’re soaked. From there nothing is off limits. Sandcastles are started, swimming fully clothed ensues and you just wish you all had your bathing suit and a towel…and a lemonade (or in my case an ice tea)…and probably something else, like a sandwich. However, this just proves that you don’t really need anything to make a memory.


Miss Night said...

Oh, so much of this sounds like my own definition of summer vacation. So glad you and your family have a country road that takes you home.

Linda B said...

More than anything, more than your 'fixed' poem, I think this whole post is a poem Betsy. What a beautiful description of this one time in town. I loved it!

Robin said...

I love the spontaneous moments when everyone is happy at the same time; playing and enjoying. I love that you let your kids dip in a toe knowing that it wouldn't stop there. Who needs a bathing suit when you are little? Just jump on in there!