Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet Challenges

 Share in some poetry fun this Friday with Rena at ON THE WAY TO SOMEWHERE...

Trying to blog on my phone while in the car, not sweet.
Blogging from my computer via my husband's phone tether while sitting in the car...sweet!

I am on my way to an up north family weekend to a quiet lake full of turtles, fish, sunsets and loons. It is always a peaceful celebration of the near end of summer and our kids look forward to this getaway every year. Last week we took a trip along the Thornapple River on kayaks. My first time kayaking was awesome and left me quite sore, but it was worth every muscle aching stroke even after three hours. We had a great time and this is the poem that came from that experience.

current slow
my eyes cast
and watch
snails netted in muskgrass
congregations of duck weed
water bugs in a whirl
swift fins below
break the tension in hunger
and I fly
across a watery sky.

I hope to have some photos and poetry to follow the next few days while we dip our toes in more serenity as I blog through August with a "sweet" theme.

 NaBloPoMo August 2012


Robyn Hood Black said...

Beautiful! (I love "snails netted in muskgrass...") Thanks for sharing and have a refreshing, wonderful trip.

Tabatha said...

I like this a lot! Great details and mood-setting.

Linda B said...

Sounds like a beautiful time, beauty in your poem too, Betsy. I like the idea of that 'sweet' theme. It will be a good month looking for sweetness. Hope your weekend is lovely.

rena traxel said...

Sounds wonderful. My favourite line "break the tension in hunger"