Monday, August 13, 2012

You Are Like Me But Somewhere Else

there is you
in a parallel place
you listen to my music
and dance on your driveway.

there is me
I live like you
I listen to your music
and dance on my driveway.

there is you
under a star lit sky
you see the same stars
and dream when you sleep.

there is me
in a parallel place
I see the same stars
and dream while I sleep.

I am finding myself immersed in school. Eating, sleeping and dreaming about it. But happily. However, it makes me realize that challenging myself in August to write everyday was a bit lofty. I will keep trying.


Linda B said...

I think teachers go about in a bit of a daze at this time of year. No one else understands how challenging and stressful, even though joyful, the beginning is. Nice words you wrote, Betsy.

Maureen said...

We are all having back to school dreams now! I had my classic anxiety dream just the other night, wherein every student in the school has been assigned to me by mistake and I can't keep track of them all, I am overwhelmed and terrified! Thank you for sharing this sweet poem - and I am so impressed with your goal of writing everyday in August!! Whether or not you achieve it, the goal is impressive.

Amy Rudd said...

Thanks for this makes me think of looking on the universe with same but different eyes...
Even when we try for things and they don't always work out, that's ok. Starting a new year is a busy time for a teacher...maybe write but don't publish every day? This is a great moment to share with our young writers? A model perhaps?